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PostSubject: Abendroth, Gadara   Abendroth, Gadara Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 12:13 am

Abendroth, Gadara 2-1
General Information

First name: Gadara
Middle name(s): Gadara has one, he will allow someone who he loves to call him by it. 'Ivory'
Surname: Abendroth; means evening/ dusk
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Unknown
Relationship status: Single, however he use to be married when he was 16 years old.
Social class Upper Class
Occupation: Mechanic, is extremely use to working with his hands and thus loves to work on things as well as putting things together.

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): Gadara's main accent is British. It is rather noticable right off the bat when he speaks to you.
Language spoken: English & British. Gadara's tongue is fluent, however this doesn't stop his accent from showing.
Other languages known: Not really, however he understand very little German.
Style of speaking: Very smooth, fluent, as well as clear. It is rather well known that he talks without holding anything back. When he has a chance to speak up for himself or others, he will be sure to say it and be heard.
Volume of voice: Varies. It pretty much depends on the situation that he is in.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'6- 6'7
Weight: 135/ 150 pounds.
Eye color: Red
Skin color: Pale with a hint tan coloring.
Shape of face: It is rather normal, everything about his face is natural. Ever since he was brought into this world, his looks are rather normal if not natural.
Distinguishing features: Gadara is missing his left eye and he wears a eyepatch to cover it up. Also, his right eye is a rather deep shade of red which pretty much stands out of the crowd as some people. It has been known that his eye color become darker colored when he is upset.
Build of body: Gadara's build is very well seen when it comes to working on things as well as lifting things. He is quite strong and is able to hold his own against a certain amount of people. Simply being, he could hold his own against a small human crowd. The man is tough and he likes being tough, for he couldn't be in this line of work without having some strength.
Hair color: Beautifully colored onyx
Hair style: Rather long as well as bushy. Gadara's hair is almost like a mane being thick and fully healthy in appearance due to its shine. The man's hair is indeed long, going way past his shoulders if not already passing his back a little bit. It is able to be braided which tells you how long it is. However, he likes to wear his hair completely over his left shoulder. While he works will he place it in a pony tail, and have it tied with a black silk bow.
Complexion: Clearly healthy. No signs of anything on his face.
Posture: Gadara loves to stand in a straight posture with his right hand in his pocket with his thumb hanging out. The man is left handed and so he does everything with his left hand, and thus leaves his right hand alone until he really needs it. Other's like to call his posture as being tough, for he stands tall with his right hand always in his pocket with his thumb hanging out. He is indeed a slick dude and thus stands like it as well. Does he do this to show off? No, he just simply stands like this due to the fact it is comfortable for him.
Tattoos: Gadara has a simple tattoo on his upper left arm being that of a cross which is rather cool in design. He was forced to get this tattoo when he was younger, since the years passed by did he decide to keep it.
Piercings: Gadara has his right ear peirced with a ruby studded earring. On his left, does he have a simple ear lobe hugger being that of complete steerling silver with platinum.
Typical clothing: Gadara's clothes are all simply black, he especially wears black clothes when he is working for the stains don't show up on black all that much. Which tells you, he cleans his pure black shirts as well as anything else which is black that he wears. Pant's, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, etc. Other types of clothes that he will be seen wearing is his favorite type of clothing. A long sleeved shirt with 'V' like cuts going down both arms. He wears this whenever he isn't working. Gadara does wear clothes that show his shoulders a lot, no matter the color he will wear them if they show off the shoulders. All of his clothes are rather fancy and if not pretty costly. His actual typical clothing that he wears is the long sleeved shirt with the 'V's cut down both sleeves with long black jeans with the knees wore out as well as some pretty nice looking black boots. However, this doesn't mean he wears black all the time for he tends to wear white colored clothes as well as grey colored ones. He isn't picky, if it is comfortable on him he will wear it.
Is seen by others as: A mature man who has a lot of love for making things as well as fixing things. Most people see him as to mature while others see him as a normal everyday worker who takes his work seriously. Gadara is a man who loves what he does and is a very easy going man who is laid back and takes his time with everything that he does. This however does make some people question him, for he tends to act to calm for them which just makes some people avoid him.


Likes (3 max): Gadara adores his job, Dark coffee blend, and sleeping in sometimes.
Dislikes (3 max): Waking up to early {Not a morning person}, food items with no taste such as tofu, and being pushed into finishing his work.
Education: Average Education. He has enough knowledge to get him by, which has helped rather well.
Fears: Rather intense thunderstorms, as well as not being there for those who are important to him
Personal goals: His goal is to be the best mechanic that anyone has ever come to see or witness.
Personality: Gadara is a mature man who loves what he does, he is very kind to customers and is rather understanding when it comes to kids as well as to those who have been harmed in a rather horrible way. He can be fatherly as well as brotherly to those who want advice from him. Not much known to say anything really the first time around, but when you get to know him will he speak to you and smirk. Sometimes, he may even send a chuckle your way. Gadara is indeed a man with many hidden treasures within his heart as well as mind, However, he does have a bit of a temper when it comes to his work or those important to him. Do not offend him or his friends. This even includes his job or he may come to give you a punch in a face. This man, takes so much pride in what he does and he seriously doesn't want to lose anything that he has worked for. Being rich is something that he takes a bit of pride in, though he doesn't show off his money all that much. He tends to leave it alone and keep working. Some believe however that he is greedy deep down even though he doesn't show it or act like it. Gadara can be a bit of a trouble maker at times as well as a joker, but he can also be a kind and loving person. You just have to work on him a little bit.
General intelligence: Gadara is at times a thinker. He knows what somethings mean, especially if it concerns a love confession as well as sarcasm. However, there are things that he doesn't know and so he plays it as something that he should not learn and visa versa. He is a decent thinker which helps him get through some obstacles that follow up with personal subjects.


Illnesses (if any): Gadara does suffer from a dizziness that comes from his missing left eye. Some think that his brain is not getting enough oxygen due to the eye missing thus causes him to have dizzy spells and even sometimes will he pass out.
Allergies (if any):None that he knows of.
Any unhealthy habits: Gadara does tend to pick his teeth after eating something. He does it in public a lot as well.


Date of birth (Day and month): July 16th
Family members (Must have a parent or guardian is younger than 17): Father & Step-mother. {He does live away from them which indeed makes him happy sometimes.}
Past (Must be at least 1-2 paragraphs long): Gadara was brought up in a rather well made mansion with his father and step-mother, he lived there with them when he was growing up and so he never thought of moving out and just living with them for a little while. This however changed when he turned 16 and was arranged to marry a girl who he didn't even know. Gadara however was forced into the marriage in hopes of bringing his family as well as his wife's family together. Savannah was her name and she was the same age as Gadara and so they were married. However, the married life did not last long for they were divorced after 4 years. Gadara didn't really see anything by it, after all he didn't show her much of his feelings for he still felt like he didn't know her well enough. Beside's when they were married did he begin in wanting to be a mechanic and so he spent his time working then being with his ex-wife. His parents were not happy which explains alot about his left eye and how it went missing. Due to him failing as a husband and keeping their family's together did his father break a rather large vase on his eye in pure rage. Gadara thus decided to leave his parents after that, he ended up losing his eye however and thus began to have second thoughts about staying with his parents.


Parents: Luther & Rinkage Abendroth
Parents occupation: Both parents did high class work at different companies.
Siblings: Only child.
Any enemies (and why): None that he knows of, though he considers his ex-wife being a emeny for she wants to get back together with him and will do anything to get him back.
Children: None; Never did Gadara touch his wife. They never even kissed, not even at the wedding. Thus is why he was forced to get a matching tattoo with his wife.
Friends: Gadara would indeed be a loyal friend to anyone who didn't want to cause him harm in any shape or form. Not once will he back stab you, and he will give you all of the advice you will come to need. Gadara is rather brotherly as well which helps in him making friends with others. No matter the gender.
Love interest (if there is one): None; not as now anyway. However, if someone comes along she/ he would have to like the idea of him working on and off. Though, he decides when to work due to him being laid back. The person would have to be kind and understand him a little more before he would consider finding the love of his life. His ex-wife is sometimes seen trying so hard which never gets a passing glance from him.


Peaceful or violent: Gadara is considered in the between. He will fight if he has too. Though oftenly he chooses not to, for it depends in the situation.
Weapon of choice (4 max and must be steampunk): Gadara will come to use his feet & hand, if all else fails then he will use a gun.
Style of fighting: Kick-boxing, this fighting style goes with with both hands and feet.


Favorite types of food: Sushi
Favorite types of drink: Dark Blend Coffee
Hobbies/past times:Gadara will sketch random pictures on random sheets of paper. Simple doodles. He also loves to cook and brew tea as well as taking things apart and putting them back together to pass the time.
Guilty pleasures: Gadara oftenly feels bad when it comes to pushing someone over and just for the fun of it. He can't help but chuckle as well as feel bad. He may even be a bit of a jerk to get a funny reaction out of someone while feeling guilty.
Pet peeves: People who annoy others so badly that they never shut up, crying babies with neglectful mothers, as well as kids playing around with his tools.
Pets: None as of now.
Talents: Cooking, working with his hand in fixing things, as well as fixing clothing.
Favorite colors: Silver, grey, and autum colors
Favorite type of music: Simple sounds of relaxing music to rock as well as hip hop.

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Seems okie dokie to me! Sadly, Toxin has forgotten to grant me the ability to place you in a group or move topics xDD Sorry. Haha..., when she comes on (which I hope she will) this topic will be moved to Accepted characters and your name will be colored by your group.


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Abendroth, Gadara Steamp29

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