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Come and join the war against the governments that want to create the superhuman beings in this steampunk era. Create your character, be a canon from a movie or manga, meet new people, and enjoy!
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Toxin Vulpe Toxin_15

General Information

First name: Toxin
Middle name(s): N/A
Surname: Vulpe
Age: 20
Race: Supherhuman
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Social class (Upper,middle,lower): N/A
Occupation: N/A

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): Sometimes has a Russian accent when angry or intimidating
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: Russian, Japanese, and Romanian
Style of speaking: Harsh and intimidating, but can talk rather soft and gentle sometimes
Volume of voice: Depends on her mood

Physical Appearance

Height: 5’6’’
Weight: 123 lbs.
Eye color: Neon green
Skin color: Pale tan
Shape of face: Rounded (a normal face)
Distinguishing features: Her eyes usually have silted pupils and her canines are slightly longer than a normal humans. She also has glowing markings on her face, distinguishing her DNA power. Also her neon green fox ears and tail showing her animal race.
Build of body: Slim and curvy, but very strong and muscular
Hair color: A dark brown with few light brown highlights
Hair style: She usually has long bangs and keeps her hair to shoulder/mid back length. It is also usually messy.
Complexion: Clear face, despite her glowing marks
Posture: She tends to stand up straight and show dominance. She also walks very sly and has a sexual walk that tends to intimidate others.
Tattoos: Her neon green glowing marks on her face
Piercings: One on each fox ear; usually wears small pink hoop earrings
Typical clothing: A long sleeved black hoodie with a radioactive symbol in green, black cargo pants, black knee high boots that have pink and green straps, and a pink and green lanyard on her hip. Underneath her hoodie is usually a neon green t-shirt, or a simple black camie, or sometimes just her bar.
Is seen by others as: A terrifying monster; Dominate; Violent; Harsh and cold; Leader; Respected fearfully; Loner; Misunderstood


Likes (3 max): Anything radioactive, machines and inventions, and sweets
Dislikes (3 max): Scientists, bugs, and needles
Education: N/A
Fears: Becoming the governments ideal weapon, becoming a monster, and being brought back for testing.
Personal goals: To stop the government and their testing, as well as learn how to become human again and learn human emotions
Personality: Toxin is a very cold person, due to never experiencing kindness and love. She can and is quiet terrifying and is usually very dominate. She will not show weakness of human emotions. Toxin usually states the truth and harsh comments not really knowing how to talk ‘nice’. She is very protective of herself and tends to put herself first before anyone else. Toxin is mostly calm in situations and thinks things through before acting. She doesn’t talk much, especially about herself, and tends to keep to herself. When angry though, she becomes very violent and animal like. She shows no sympathy for anyone and shows no mercy when fighting. She needs anger management as well as learning basic human emotions.
General intelligence: Toxin is very smart and quick to remarks. Her intelligence is sometimes beyond scientists and inventors. Due to her DNA being mixed with a foxes, she can come up with quick solutions and usually thinks outside the box.


Illnesses (if any): N/A
Allergies (if any): Antidotes
Any unhealthy habits: Toxin tends to drink a lot of radioactive foods as well as rotting foods since they do her no harm and taste great to her. She also tends to try to purposely put herself in harms way and test her body to its max to see where she stands.


Date of birth (Day and month): October 29th
Family members (Must have a parent or guardian is younger than 17): Mother and father deceased as well as other family members
Past (Must be at least 1-2 paragraphs long):
An albino baby had been born into this world. A very rare event that can ever take place. A mother held her precious baby girl in her warm secure arms, smiling ever so sweet to the red faced child. A nurse awaited the child’s name, to bring the records into the computer and begin the official profile for the girl. “Floare. Floare Vulpe.” The child’s name was said in unison by both the caring father and mother. The nurse nodded to the two of them before leaving to place the information in the computers files. The mother and father cared nothing of it, as both of them were in awe at the sleeping bundle that rested in her mother’s warm hold. Little did anyone in the town of Chernobyl that a secret government lab had access to these files and scanned them over, watching for the perfect test subject. Unaware of their actions, they had gotten a hold of Floare Vulpe’s information.
Name: Floare Vulpe
Date of Birth: October 29th
Gender: Female
Eye color: Red
Hair color: White
Condition: Healthy
Such small amount of information had leaded this child to a new fate. One, she could not run from nor change at her age. And with that, her fate moved forward. Waiting for the parent’s arrival back home with the child, the scientists watched from afar, awaiting their next move. They watched for a month, how the caring mother had gone to beloved the young bundle, and the father cuing her to sleep with soft songs. She was sure to be cared for generations. But that was not what would become. For on the night December 1st, an unspeakable acted had been taken place. The caring mother and father butchered and tossed in an inferno. The crying child that reached for her mother’s grasp was graced by new ones. A tall man by the name of Vector, the head scientist and of this whole operation had taken the child into his own embrace. Quickly silencing the child’s roaring cries with a small dose of anesthesia, the group left, letting the house rumble and burn to the ground, leaving assure that no bodies would be found. Before any media could grasp ahold this act, the government had wiped the ever existence of Floare and her family. Their presence never brought in Chernobyl. The mother and fathers family was in no existence either, for their parents and relatives had passed on years ago. Floare was now a piece of nothingness. A bundle of a ghost. She was brought to the scientist’s lab, far and undetected by media and curious towns folk. This was her new home. This was her prison.
It had been a few years now. Floare no longer existing, a new name placed her mind instead. Experiment Vulpe Chimic Proiectat Supraumană ADN-ului (Romanian for Chemically desgined superhuman DNA fox, since the scientists were from Romania rather than Russia istself). But she knew herself as Toxin. The child never bothered to ask about her name. She was rather proud of it. Never thinking of how strange it may seem. The child was now six, having long white locks and bright red eyes. She was filled with joy and kindness. But always wanting to see more than the lab her father, Vector, had offered her. Vector, making Toxin believe he was her true dad, had kept Toxin inside the inclosed building. Not wanting his guniea pig to escape from his grasp. Toxin never questioned this though. She was always brought new things to occupy her attention, bringing her mind off the subject at hand. And this continued till the child had turned eight. That was when this fragile and kind girl was shattered. When she was stripped of all the kind and gentleness of the world. When she was drugged into the hell she was oblivious to. Needles, chemical’s, surgeries that were unspeakable, pain the coarsed through her veins. She suffered physically and mentally, losing her sanity, losing herself. Toxicating chemicals were placed inside her. Transfusions of DNA and organs. Surgeries for new body parts that were inhuman. She was changing into a monster, into their perfect experiment. She could do nothing but suffer. Her new found father, shattering into the demon that he was. Her home showing its true colors. Her own image turning into theirs.
Over the years she losted those bright white locks to ugly browns, her eyes turning into the chemical green goo that now coarsed like blood inside her. Her human ears removed and replaced by the animal of a fox, showing the same bright green colors. Her body had grown weak and burning. The chemicals seeping through her pours. A tail of the fox as well was sewn into her that resembled the same colors of her eyes and ears. She would mourn at her apperence. Shudder when she saw what she had become. And not by choice. Fangs had grewn, darkness had corrupted her insides. Her nails longer and shown a slick green. She was their superhuman. She was what they wanted. She was corrupted. She would take no more. No more of tthe inhuman testing. No more of the asylum like treatments. No more of the softened room that enclosed her inside her prision. No more of the lies. No more of this hell. So, she destroyed. Destroyed everything she could with her new found powers. The creation destroying its creators. She escaped the compound and ran to the town of Chernobyl. Her legs nearly having her collaspe at the new found exersise and adreniline rush. Her body soar and aching, her new blood rushing and burning. Her skin marking the ground as she ran. Finally she made it to the nuclear plant. She gazed heavily up at the tower buldings. She knew what she would do. She had wipe all the hatred from her. She had to destroy. Clean this awful place. And as the scentists that had survived her madden rage in the lab chased towards her to stop their creation from doing anymore, she blew the towers to bits and ruble. She destroyed the power that could wipe this hell from the face of the earth. And so it did. She watched everything around her that took place. People screaming of fear, the bright light eclisping the town, people freezing in time into the ground, everything still. Then it went black.
Toxin awoke in a stinging blur. She raised herself from the stilled ground and shook her head that rung. She blinked and steadied herself, grasping reality and weither she was alive or not. She then took in her surroundings. All was still. Buldings either collasping or staying in place. People had vanished, their shadows marking their last stand. Everything rotted and fell to the earths ground that now stood as dirt. All life wiped from the town of Chernobyl. Toxin, the only living being from the horrible event. She looked around, her ears twitching and her eyes wide. Her pupils slitted like a snakes and glowing with horror, and yet glee. She had freed herself, but at what cost. She had destroyed others lives to free her own. But she scowled at herself and decided it was no worry of hers at the time. She could now live. Maybe not as any normal being, but as herself. No chains, no straps, no prisions holding her down. Only her cold dark self. Her own corrupted being. This was toxin.
She now lives with in heath’s city undetected and sometimes helping out the resistance. The government is unaware of her still being alive and seeing how this world came to be. She watches over the citizens of Heath’s City and helps out when others are in danger becoming like her. Her whereabouts are unknown at this time.


Parents: Deceased
Parents occupation: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Any enemies (and why): Government and scientists because they are the ones who did this to her. She is also trying to stop them and destroy their world just like they did to her. If she is detected, they will want her back to make her into their tool of power.
Children: N/A
Friends: N/A
Love interest (if there is one): None at the moment


Peaceful or violent: Violent
Weapon of choice (4 max and must be steampunk): She mostly uses her powers. But she also tends to use a whip that is attached to her hip and a simple electro gun.
Style of fighting: Mostly she is hands on and likes to be close up and personal


Favorite types of food: Anything radioactive and sweets, but she also enjoys a good meal with meat.
Favorite types of drink: Cola or a good wine cooler
Hobbies/past times: People watching or helping the resistance every now and then, sometimes killing off scientists undetected. She also tries to help out in Darkstone.
Guilty pleasures: Watching people who deserve to suffer from her own doings or just plain suffering
Pet peeves: Hyper people and anyone agreeing with the government. She also hates know it all’s and people who think they have it worst
Pets: None at the moment
Talents: Tricking people, sneaking around without being detected, and flexibility
Favorite colors: Anything green or blue
Favorite type of music: Easy listening music and sometimes robotic like melodies; Russian lullabies; Japanese music
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