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 Super mall

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PostSubject: Re: Super mall   Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:57 pm

Gadara watched Toxin for he was curious as to what was going through her head at this very moment, he tried his best in trying to answer her question and he wondered if it helped her any. As he thought about it did he allow his mind to stray to when he was growing up in his parents house when he was younger, he had always thought of doing something like his father had done with his work. When he grew up though did things change, everything changes for a good reason or that was what he had thought. Gadara looked to the table silently as he went back to thinking about what food items he should need to buy. Mainly, everything that was needed for a healthy growth right. Not that it mattered for he was already grown up. He was practically a adult if not a little over that adult status or name. Gadara knew that he may need to buy more coffee blend, but as always he would go through it rather quickly. Glancing up to Toxin, he couldn't help but feel lightly curious again as to what was going to happen now.
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Toxin Vulpe
Toxin Vulpe

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PostSubject: Re: Super mall   Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:25 pm

Toxin snarled like the wild fox that was intertwined with her as she broke from her thoughts. How she despised such thoughts. Then again, it fulled her to get to her goal. She looked to Gadara, a slight apology in her eyes. She rested her hands on the table, her expression changing to shock as she watched the table slowly decay away where her hands had been. She sighed to herself as she stood up and grabbed her cape.

"Sorry, but seems like my temper has gotten the better of me, so I must end this lunch short. Nothing against you of course. If you care to talk more, head to the moonlit forest. Magical creatures reside there, if you keep an eye open."

She winked to him as a fox like smirk graced her lips. She flung the cape around herself and headed over to the wall. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes gleaming and a toothy grin spreading across her face.

"Catch ya around."

And with that she let her sharp claw decay away an opening for her, much like a laser, and vanished through the opening. All that was left was a very much destroyed room. Toxin though swiped her food from the waiter as he payed no attention and vanished from the place with her modifier, chuckling darkly. And Toxin strikes again.

{Leaves topic}

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PostSubject: Re: Super mall   Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:35 pm

Gadara was quite surprised by the dismissal of Toxin, his expression showed his surprise but he smirked as he allowed his only eye to close. Everyone was surely interesting now a days, Gadara had to admit that much. As one thing happened and then another, he was the only one sitting in a rather trashed room and after he had heard what Toxin said did he blink once and stood up. There wasn't much to be said, for all that he did was nod to Toxin in a silent manner before she had left from the room for good. Gadara was the only one standing there and it appeared that he looked lost. Recovering from his feelings did he simply walk out of the concealed room and met with the waiter who had his food. Of course, he wasn't going to say anything about the damage to the room as well as the others things that he had seen. Gadara simply asked the waiter for a bag and a to go cup for his coffee which the waiter did with a rather simple smile. As he waited for his food did he go ahead and decide to pay for his food. Though, Toxin said that money wasn't really important for it was a rather suggested treat among the both of them. He still paid with his eye closed and acting very much calm and rather comfortable. When everything was ready to go did he leave the cafe and walked down to where he knew was a store which sold food items.

The walk took sometime but as he reached there did he enter the store, after half a hour later to near over a hour did he exit from the store with a ton of bags in his left hand full of food he just now bought. His right hand held the food and the to go cup which was placed in the bag which was meant to be called 'Take out'. Gadara simply glanced upward to the time before deciding to go ahead and leave the super mall. He had come to get what he needed. Hopefully, this food as well as the other food items will last him for a little over two months. That is, if he took time to evenly weigh out the food that he would make within the days to come.

{Leaves topic}
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PostSubject: Re: Super mall   

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Super mall
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